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If you are looking for Quality Turf to be delivered to your home or business, you have found the right place! We as a group believe that customer service, making people happy and quality farm fresh turf is important!

The Lawn and Turf Online Shop is a convenient online ordering website that aligns you with the best turf for your situation. Simply answer a few questions about your site to help you select the best turf type and then enter the number of square metres required and your postcode to find out what it will cost to get the turf delivered to you.

Once you have your site prepared; order your turf online entering delivery date and wait for your quality turf to arrive.

How to have the best looking lawn in the street!

Soil Type

Having a great foundation for your turf will help to determine the look of your lawn. Taking steps in soil preparation will help to ensure a great outcome.

Amount of direct sunlight

The number of direct hours of sunlight greatly influences your choice of turf. Buildings, trees and fencing all create shade and should be considered with your turf variety.


Your surroundings will determine the best turf for your location. Living by the sea will require different characteristics in turf than those living in the mountains.


When planning your new lawn, consider installing an automated watering system. Your local hardware store can provide very cost effective watering systems that take the hassle out of moving sprinklers.

Choosing the right variety of grass

Turf varieties thrive in different conditions depending upon location and climatic conditions of the place. Turf varieties are designed for different types of uses such as home lawns. public parks, sports fields etc.


Keep your eye on the weather and when possible mow your lawn just before it rains... your lawn will love it! Fertilise 3-4 times a year to keep your lawn healthy.

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About Us
The Lawn and Turf Online Shop was devised by a group of people passionate about their lawn including ex turf farmers, lawn care professionals and home owners.

We have formed partnerships with many leading turf growers and work independently to suggest what we would lay given the same situation.

As always with any great lawn, the foundation is extremely important. We aim to provide advice that will help you to create the lawn of envy in your street.
What we offer
Apart from offering free advise on the types of turf and lawn care advise online, we have negotiated on your behalf to get the best price for your turf.

Place an order with us and we will pass it on to the grower to ensure delivery as soon as possible to the time requested; jump the queue and get ahead of other deliveries!
Ongoing Advise
Should you have problems with your lawn, post a question on our forum and one of our experts will respond with what hopefully will be a solution.

Our recommendation is that to have a great lawn, invest a little with a professional lawn care company and this will ensure your lawn stays weed and disease free.

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