How to have the best looking lawn in the street

A well-maintained lawn not only enhances your home’s aesthetic beauty but also provides a refreshing calmness for the family. For many people managing a lawn can be quite intimidating as they think it requires immense energy and time. These handy hints that will help your lawn thrive. However, to achieve [more…]

Lawn Watering and Maintenance

Watering your lawn is the most important part of your lawns health, and is recommended everyday for at least the first 3-5 weeks (depending on how quickly your lawn takes to establish). Once your lawn has established you can reduce the watering, but your turf will not survive without regular [more…]

Site Preparation

When preparing your lawn for new turf, and you have an existing lawn, it is recommended to use round up on that area, let the lawn die then remove the lawn by using a turf cutter or bobcat. [more…]

Mowing Height

With your turf now powering along in Spring with lush new growth, many home owners fall into the trap of lowering the mower height thinking that it will take longer in between mowings. Whoops, this is a mistake. It will actually work in reverse as your lawn will think that it [more…]