How to have the best looking lawn in the street

A well-maintained lawn not only enhances your home’s aesthetic beauty but also provides a refreshing calmness for the family. For many people managing a lawn can be quite intimidating as they think it requires immense energy and time. These handy hints that will help your lawn thrive. However, to achieve the best looking lawn in the street will require some extra effort.

Proper site preparation
The 6 P's come into play here... Proper preparation prevents p... poor performance!
Removing weeds physically and spraying them is essential. Turf provides a great weed protection however weed is part of the natural plantation process and therefore needs to be catered for ongoing.
Check that the top soil depth is at least 100mm – 150mm so your root system establishes properly.

Irrigation System
Pay a little extra to install an automated system. Adequate water inputs are crucial for survival of any turf variety.

Choosing the right variety of grass
Some turfs offer shade tolerance whilst others will not grow in shade. Different turfs are designed for different types of locations such as public parks, sports fields etc. For us the best all round turf for Sydney metro area is Sapphire.

Mowing and Watering
Mowing is essential to train the grass to grow laterally and not vertically.  Taking the tops of the grass off is essential and vital to stimulate further growth.  In saying that do not mow too low or the turf will go into shock and actually grow more. Water your lawn for longer periods through the irrigation system depending upon the pressure of your irrigation system rather than short low depth watering - get the water to the deepest roots.

It’s imperative to apply fertilisers onto your lawn to ensure it's growth. To maintain a lawn that will impress your neighbors, fertilising 3-4 tiles a year is essential.