Keen to understand more about the differences between Sapphire and Matilda buffalos

Sapphire is a soft leaf buffalo grass similar to Matildas, Palmetto's and Sir Walters on the market today but determining the best turf type comes down to 2-3 very important things.
1. Amount of sunlight - turf needs more than 3 hours of sunlight a day to survive. Without this the lawn will struggle to stay alive and look healthy.
2. Amount of traffic - as turf is a living plant, if it is going to get walked on a lot or an animal is involved, a hard wearing, fast repairing lawn if the best choice.
On the market today there is very little between the soft leaf buffalo turf varieties excluding Shademater (you will notice that type of grass this time of year with lawns that have a purplish look).
Some brands market better than others, for us Matilda is closer to Sir Walter and Sapphire is slightly different due to it's finer leaf (slightly softer to walk on) but the thicker leaf varieties seem to wear a little better in traffic areas.