Choosing your Turf

Please note:
  • To have a successful lawn we recommended that 100mm of premium turf underlay be laid before your new turf.
    Talk to your local garden centre for supplies.
  • Please allow a minimum of 48 hours notice for your turf delivery (weather can effect delivery times)
Turf performance can vary from garden to garden. Regular deep root watering and fertilising is essential for a healthy lawn.

Please answer the questions below and at the end we will show you our recommendations.
1. Select your State
2. Turf Wear & Tear
  • Will your lawn be affected by heavy traffic? eg. Large dogs, regular sports etc
3. Shade / Direct sunlight
  • Will your lawn receives less than 4 hours of direct or filtered sunlight each day?
4. Type of turf
  • What texture lawn do they prefer: coarse blade, medium or fine blade?
5. Maintenance
  • Low maintenance - non garden intrusive, less fertiliser requirements
  • Medium maintenance - regular mowing, seasonal fertiliser
  • High maintenance - fine blade mowed with reel (cylinder) mower