Frequently Asked Questions

For us, the most important question you should be asked is, "How much shade does the lawn area receive, full sun, part shade or heavy shade? This question can make or break a new lawn planting".

If the lawn is sheltered by trees, consider thinning out the canopy of the trees above lawn to allow more sunlight in. Alternatively, extend garden beds or pathways if corners of the yard are too shady for lawns to grow in.

Maintenance levels are of importance when choosing turf.

Maintenance levels would include what height you would like to cut at your lawn ie. do you wish to mow with a rotary mower or reel (cylinder) mower or traditional mower? How much water are you prepared to apply? Is the lawn irrigated? How often are you prepared to fertilise the lawn?  For these questions and more we recommend talking to a lawn care professional.

Cold hardiness

Your location can effect the look of your lawn.  Being nearer the coast there is less chance of frost compared to inland therefore reducing the turf browning off in winter.


No other way to put it but these are lawn killers. If you have a trampoline the only way to succeed with this is to move it to a new position every week to allow time for your lawn to recover.

Now let's be a realist!

Unfortunately there is a not a living turf variety on the market at this stage that has a fine leaf that can be cut short, thrives in heavy shade with low maintenance. Two words here, artificial turf!