Empire Zoysia

Empire Zoysia

Tough, easy to look after, and looks great and is soft to touch. With such little mowing required, it is the ideal lawn for slopes.

EMPIRE Turf is ideal for Home Lawn, Roadsides, Amenity areas, Sports and more.

EMPIRE™ ZOYSIA is the only grass in Australia that is hard wearing, yet low maintenance. Its deep root and rhizome system gives it unmatched toughness. If you want it to grow fast fertilise it, however if you want a slow growing, less mowing lawn that still wears well, lay off the fertiliser.

With EMPIRE you have a choice, fast or slow. For most situations, yearly fertilising should be sufficient, but for a better looking lawn fertilise more but this will make it higher maintenance.

Of special note: Army Worm will not touch this breed of grass

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